Seven places to meet on Paulista Avenue

Many big cities are remembered for landmarks or very characteristic tourist spots. These are usually places where visits are fundamental to understanding the local history or culture.

And in São Paulo this aspect is no different, because when you think of the great Brazilian metropolis, you immediately imagine Paulista Avenue.

In this article you will get to know seven places on Paulista Avenue that you can’t miss when you go to São Paulo. Then continue reading and find out what they are!

1.Cultura Bookstore (Livraria Cultura)

Located inside the Conjunto Nacional, the Livraria Cultura is one of the landmarks of Avenida Paulista.

Besides having a beautiful architecture, it has a wide and cozy open space and its own theater, which has been the stage of very interesting plays.

Among the products offered, it is possible to find books of several subjects, cd’s, dvd’s, records and magazines of the most varied themes and a coffee shop, located in the ground floor of the bookstore.

2.Cinema Cultural Reserve

Have you ever thought of a cinema where you can watch non-commercial films, of national or European origin, with a small bookstore, restaurant and café?

For it is what you find at the Cinema Reserva Cultural, located in the building of Emissora Gazeta, a point you can’t miss.

3.Japan House

There are only three Japan Houses in the world and one of them is on Paulista Avenue.

It is a cultural centre of the Government of Japan, created so that Japanese culture can be spread.

It is already possible to be impressed only by the façade of the building, built using a Japanese technique that uses only embedded wood.

However, the place offers many attractions, such as shows and temporary exhibitions, courses, tourist information and everything else related to Japanese culture.

4. Augusta Street (Rua Augusta)

On the corner of Avenida Paulista, Rua Augusta is also one of the most famous spots in the city of São Paulo.

There you can find numerous attractions, such as nightclubs, restaurants, clothing stores, theatres, art galleries. There you find a bit of everything.

It starts in the center of the city, cuts Paulista Avenue and goes to the neighborhood Jardins.

During the 90’s, the street region known as Baixa Augusta had a bad reputation, but nowadays, it has become a great entertainment option, due to the bars that have emerged over time.

5. House of Roses

Built in 1935, from the project of the architect Ramos de Azevedo, it was his home for some time.

It is a mansion designed in a classic French style and currently houses a cultural center with shows, dance performances, courses, artistic exhibitions and is open to visitors.

In its garden full of roses and very well cared for, there is a building that nowadays acts as a very cozy coffee.

6. Trianon Park

This fantastic park with trees from the Atlantic Forest is a perfect resting and relaxing point for visitors.

Trianon Park was built in 1892 and is full of plant species.

7.MASP – São Paulo Art Museum

Those who take a walk along Avenida Paulista cannot miss visiting MASP, one of the most important museums in the world.

MASP has a permanent collection with works by Candido Portinari, Manet, Van Gogh and many other artists.

In this article you could know some of the main points of Paulista Avenue. Now just plan your trip and be enchanted by these seven places!

Safe journey!

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