Christ the Redeemer: a wonder of the world

The seven wonders of the modern world were a way of showing that beauty can also be created from human hands. Among them we can cite several examples, such as Christ. But what do you know about him? Christ the Redeemer is one of the modern wonders. The appointment was created from the seven wonders... Continuar Lendo →

Seven places to meet on Paulista Avenue

Many big cities are remembered for landmarks or very characteristic tourist spots. These are usually places where visits are fundamental to understanding the local history or culture. And in São Paulo this aspect is no different, because when you think of the great Brazilian metropolis, you immediately imagine Paulista Avenue. In this article you will... Continuar Lendo →

Five Beaches of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has the reputation of being a wonderful and warm city with beautiful landscapes. Much of this is due to the beaches, eternalized in music and stories. The beaches of RJ are known worldwide for their beauty. In fact, a tailor-made fame, however, how to choose which ones to visit during your trip?... Continuar Lendo →

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