Christ the Redeemer: a wonder of the world

The seven wonders of the modern world were a way of showing that beauty can also be created from human hands. Among them we can cite several examples, such as Christ. But what do you know about him?

Christ the Redeemer is one of the modern wonders. The appointment was created from the seven wonders of the ancient world, a cataloguing made by the Greeks.

The ancient wonders cited seven things that should be seen. Changing the course a little, the modern ones had the objective of showing that the beauty and magnificence could be given from human hands.

From this point of view, seven works were chosen and elected on July 7, 2007, among them the statue of Christ.

The story of Christ the Redeemer

The Art Deco monument was inaugurated on October 12, 1931, after five years of construction. Before him, there was a lookout called Chapéu do Sol (Sun Hat), built at the behest of D. Pedro II.

Those responsible for the construction of Christ the Redeemer were engineer Heitor da Silva Costa, artist Carlos Oswald and Paul Landowsky, French architect.

The idea of Christ was not new, on the contrary, in 1859 Father Peter Mary Boss had already suggested that Corcovado should have a religious monument.

It was only in 1912, however, that the idea became more present, through Cardinal Joaquim Arcoverde. It was desirable for the Catholic Church to be more present in Brazil.

In 1921, the project returned to the spotlight and the Corcovado hill was chosen as the site because it was the highest part of the city. The gaze was now focused on the celebration of the centennial of Brazilian independence.

The following year, more than twenty thousand signatures were collected requesting the construction of the statue. The president of the time, Epitácio Pessoa, gave permission and ceded the site previously targeted.

The work only really began in 1926, ending in 1931. The monument of the Christ is 1145 tons, 38 meters high and 710 meters above sea level.

The statue is currently 88 years old and is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone. It is also the third largest sculpture of Christ in the world.

How does the visit to the statue work?

Christ the Redeemer is located on top of Corcovado, in Tijuca Natural Park. There are several ways to get to the place: on foot, by bicycle, car, train or authorized vans.

The entrance fee changes according to the season and it is possible to find several souvenirs around the place. Behind the monument there is a royal chapel, where some masses are held daily.

The best shift to visit the place is in the morning, as it usually has plenty of movement throughout the day. The preferred time is between eight and nine in the morning.

Before the visit, check the site to see if there are any changes in the programming.

And you, have you ever visited or intend to visit Christ the Redeemer? Did you know his story? Tell us what you think!

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